Recommended products, nutritional supplements and brands are listed below under the dispensary from which they can be purchased. Any products purchased from Dr. Leighton’s online dispensaries will automatically be eligible for discount. Purchasing products directly from suppliers and manufacturers ensures product quality, purity, safety, and proper handling. If a specific supplement or product has been recommended to you, please do not purchase from a third party supplier.

Emerson Wellevate:
Bezwecken, BodyBio, Boiron, Gaia Herbs, Thorne, Klaire Labs, Metagenics, Nordic Naturals, Ortho Molecular, PERQUE, Sombra, Wise Woman Herbals

Earthley Wellness Supplements

Metagenics Nutritional Supplements

Ambrotose LIFE, OSP, Catalyst, Premier 7, Prime 7

Amazon Affiliate Storefront

Shaklee Products:
Life Shake varieties, Hydrate+, Get Clean line, Fresh Laundry line. Dr. Leighton does not recommend Shaklee multi-vitamins, B-vitamins or vitamin packs.

doTERRA Essential Oils:
Single EOs, EO blends, OnGuard cleanser