“Jessica is the absolute best. I started seeing her at 13 weeks pregnant after a recommendation from my Doula, as my first baby was breach and I wanted to avoid a repeat situation with #2. Jessica is so loving, caring and funny and makes you feel right at home in her office immediately. She has toys to keep the tots busy which was huge for me when needing to bring my young daughter to some appointments and even helped out my husband after a long week of shoveling snow. I did the Webster technique with her mostly but also did acupuncture and acupressure/moxabustion to help with induction after I was overdue. I can’t wait to get cleared to go back after 6 weeks and get everything back in place. Jessica has been a true friend and godsend to me and I could not have made it through my pregnancy without her on my birth team.”


“I sought out Chiropractic care during my pregnancy and was lucky to find Jessica. She was attentive and caring and extremely helpful with my aches and pains. I also utlized her acupuncture skills and had amazing results! Highly recommend her and her practice.”


“I had never been to a chiropractor or done acupuncture and Dr. Flynn made me feel so comfortable! I started seeing her when I found out at 37 weeks pregnant that my baby was breech. Sure enough, with a combination of the Webster Technique & acupuncture my baby turned a week later and was confirmed head down by ultrasound. I am so grateful to have given these techniques a try. Dr. Flynn is so kind and comforting and truly made made each appointment a happy (and hopeful) experience. Absolutely recommend! Thank you again!”


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Jessica for both chiropractic and acupuncture. She has been extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in helping me relieve pain and migraines. Dr. Jessica truly cares about your well being and helping you improve your all around health.”


“Dr. Jess is always focused on whole body and long term wellness, for the entire family. Her knowledge, care, and professionalism is why I give her 5 stars! If you visit her practice you won’t be disappointed and your body will thank you!”


“As a chiropractor in Addison, I sometimes get patient inquiries from all around. Without hesitation, I refer people to Dr. Jessica as she is extremely knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. If you’re in the Naperville area and pregnant and looking for a chiropractor, this is hands-down where you should go.”

Dr. Keller

“Dr. Jess is amazing! She has helped me and my son for the past year and a half! She does an amazing job with kids as well as adults and is very knowledgeable in her field! Best Chiropractor I have seen in a long time!”


“Dr Jessica is absolutely phenomenal! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times she’s helped me on the road to recovery! I would recommend her up and down to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor!”


“Jessica is probably the best chiropractor that I have ever found. She actually cares about her patients, and when a problem is presented she does a full evaluation on everything to get to the bottom of it. She also suggests changes in life choices to better your healing. I have been working with her for a little over a year, due to some permanent injuries, and I am wowed by her effectiveness, overall kindness, and work ethic. She even wrote a narrative to my primary care doctor personally, so that my primary care doctor stayed fully informed on what’s going on, and that there wouldn’t be miscommunication from playing monkey in the middle.

Ever since working with her I’ve been in sigficantly less pain, and have a management strategy that I implement daily thanks to her. I’ve been to numerous other chiropractors, and I have to say she’s the best one I could find. I highly recommend going to her!”


“I have been seeing Dr. Jess for quite a while now, she finally got her own practice and I couldn’t be happier for her! I’ve had chronic back issues for a few years now and I couldn’t get any relief until I started seeing Dr. Jess! She’s very welcoming, kind, and doesn’t talk over your head like doctors I’ve seen in the past! There is no doctor better than Dr. Jess!!”


“Dr. Flynn has helped me more in 3 treatments than my old doctor in 6 months. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and has many different services to offer. Definitely taking the whole family here. Thank you, Dr. Flynn!”